Concept of investment speculation and gambling

According to Graham, "The distinction between investment and speculation in common stocks has always been a useful one and its disappearance is a cause for concern. Investing is NOT gambling. The higher the credit-rating, the bigger is the overdraft. Therefore a strong argument can be made that junk bonds are better investments for some investors than other less risky bonds. However, he also knows that he may lose more than his potential gain. Lotteries are therefore negative-sum games because the total payout is less than what goes into the pot.

Concept of investment speculation and gambling are online slot machines rigged

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It covers only a brief introduction about the concepts. Investment Analysis & Management Investment v/s Speculation – Arbitrage – Gambling. How Investment, Speculation And Gambling are not the same!! Since nothing fundamentally can explain this investment decision, this may. Investment, speculation and gambling (Security Analysis, Ben Graham.): 1. Graham defined investment thus: An INVESTMENT OPERATION is.